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How big is Reliance Met City?


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Reliance Model Economic Township (MET) is a big initiative of Reliance Industries Limited that intends to establish a self-contained integrated industrial township. This project is strategically situated in Jhajjar, Haryana in the National Capital Region (NCR) and spreads over 8250 acres with residential, industrial, and commercial sco plots which is one of the most important economic zones in India due to its closeness to Delhi.

An Overview of Reliance MET City

Reliance Met City encompasses industrial clusters, residential areas as well as commercial spaces aimed at being a model economic township. Onsite manufacturing, logistics, and ancillary services are facilitated by excellent infrastructure and amenities.

Geographic span and Location

This can be seen from its coverage area of 8250 hectares making it one of the largest industrial townships under construction. It is located in Jhajjar District in Haryana near the western border of Delhi. These places enable easy accessibility to major highways, railways as well as upcoming dedicated freight corridors thus improving its connectivity to major ports or cities throughout India.

Industrial Parks and Zones

the automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical, textile, and food sectors among others. The goal behind such groups is that they are structured in a manner that fosters linkages between the businesses as well as economies of scale.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Reliance MET City aims to create an excellent infrastructure such as wide roads, dependable power supply, modern sewer systems, and high-tech communications. The area will also have services like logistics parks for storage purposes, rail connectivity for efficient distribution, and supply chain management.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Under the global norms, Reliance MET City includes sustainability as part of its development plan by introducing green belts or buffers, water recycling systems, and use of renewable energy sources aimed at cutting down on environmental impact besides making sure that the township can be sustained.

Investment and Economic Impact

Reliance MET City is set to tap huge private investments into this region both from within India and internationally. It is assumed that the project would create massive employment opportunities, and boost the economic growth rate thereby enhancing overall development in the region.

Future Prospects and Expansion Plans

Reliance MET City is seen to be a project that will remain dynamic and continue expanding. Its master plan is designed in such a way that it can accommodate future growth and expansion, as industrial needs keep changing, so should the set-up of the city with innovation and deployment of technology.


Reliance MET City sets itself up as an iconic project aimed at revolutionizing the industrial landscape in NCR and beyond. Its extensive landmass, strategic location, and comprehensive development plans are some of the aspects that make it possible for this township to become a major economic hub area for industries and a benchmark for future economic townships.

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