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What is the new project of Reliance in Gurgaon?


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A world-class Greenfield Smart City known as Reliance Met City is being developed by Reliance Industries Limited under the wholly owned subsidiary called Model Economic Township Limited (MET City) near Gurugram, Haryana. This is a major achievement towards the growth of industries and smart cities in Northern India which aim at a sustainable and innovative urban environment for modern businesses and residents as well.

Vision and Scope

Reliance Met City seeks to create a high-tech smart city that merges industrial, residential, commercial, and recreational spaces thereby providing a complete ambiance for both industry and people. In Jhajjar, located near Gurugram this project will sit on an 8,000 acre piece of land hence strategically positioned to take advantage of the economic upswing in Haryana State as well as the north Indian region generally.

Japan Industrial Township: A Bridge between Cultures

MET City has been designated as Japan Industrial Township (JIT), which makes it unique given that it is a central point for investment and cooperation from Japanese entities. Already four leading brands from Japan such as Nihon Kohden, Panasonic, Denso, and T-Suzuki have found MET CITY attractive thereby setting a precedent for other Japanese firms to set a base in this dynamic industrial hub.

Nihon Kohden's Game-Changing Event

An important feature of MET City's progress happened when a medical device manufacturing company called Nihon Kohden organized a ground-breaking ceremony. The maker’s chief construction site in India is to be found here at MET City and this event signifies the commencement of the building process. The location in question shows not only how dedicated Nihon Kohden is to its Indian customers but also makes MET City an attractive place for international businesses entering Haryana and North India.

Facilities and Services

The development of MET City goes beyond just industrial plots. This community has been planned as a complete ‘walk-to-work’ township so that residents can have easy access to workplaces and thus cut down on commuting time while enhancing the quality of life. Infrastructure includes a 220 KV substation, a state-of-the-art water treatment plant, an extensive water distribution network, and wide roadways with beautiful greenery all contributing to the creation of a sustainable & efficient urban environment.

Future Prospects and Expansion

MET City currently hosts 400 industrial clients which has made it one of the most sought-after business cities in North India. The campaign to bring more Japanese firms into MET City is ongoing, capitalizing on the plug-and-play infrastructure that facilitates setting up and scaling operations for new entrants.

A Sustainable and Smart Future

To create new standards for ecological city planning, Reliance MET City, a fresh smart town project from Reliance, is a big challenge that the firm has taken up. This will be a landmark moment since it will not only provide amenities but other key services to Gurgaon inhabitants making it the bedrock of future growth that positions the city as an epitomic smart city not only in India but globally.


The new project of Reliance Industries Limited in Gurgaon, MET City, is a step towards reinventing urban development through innovation, sustainability, and international cooperation. Therefore, while further growing and attracting global businesses to settle there, MET City comes out as Northern India’s premier smart city offering unparalleled opportunities to businesses while giving its inhabitants quality life experience. Such a company like Nihon Kohden continues committing it has been an important journey that dates back years while remaining relevant within its vision which is guided by Reliance Industries’ strategic direction which saw the establishment of who we are now.

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