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Which is Smart City in Haryana?


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Haryana is experiencing rapid urban development; one way it achieves this is through smart cities. The most noticeable among them is not a conventional smart city under India’s Smart Cities Mission but a specialized industrial one called Reliance Met City located in Jhajjar, Haryana.

Introduction to Reliance MET City Jhajjar

Also called Met City is a project of Reliance Industries Limited aimed at setting up a self-contained industrial city with global standard infrastructure and modern amenities. It is located within the National Capital Region(NCR), strategically positioned near major highways, railways, and international airports.

Location and Access

Reliance MET stands along the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway commonly known as Western Peripheral Expressway linking it with the rest of NCR. The city sits between Gurgaon, Delhi, and Rewari therefore easily accessible by businesses or employees. In addition to this, the place gains significance due to its vicinity to Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) forming part of the Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor, etc.

Industrial & Infrastructure Development

The main aim behind Reliance MET City is the creation of an environment favorable for industry growth. This self-sustained city has been designed in such a way that various sectors like electronics; pharmaceuticals; textiles etcetera can find their place here easily without any problem whatsoever. It is established to attract large investments whether local or foreign which will help in manufacturing sector development to support the ‘Make in India’ campaign among other things.

The Reliance MET infrastructure is astonishing; it includes logistics and distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc. There is also an uninterrupted power supply in this region along with efficient systems of managing water and state-of-the-art sewage systems with waste management facilities being the icing on the cake! The roads within this township are wide enough to allow easy movement for both goods and people.

Economic Impact

The impacts that this project will have on the economy cannot be ignored. It is estimated that when it becomes fully operational there will be the creation of thousands of jobs thereby injecting income into local economies while at the same time availing opportunities to residents living in different parts of Haryana who may want such employment opportunities near their homes or within reach amongst other benefits brought by industries coming into these areas which include increased revenues for local governments hence more funds available towards provision better public services besides upgrading various forms infrastructures themselves.

Sustainability & Smart Features

Reliance MET project is sustainable. Green technologies have been incorporated by the developers to reduce negative environmental impact. There are energy-efficient buildings, renewable sources utilization wherever possible alongside sustainable waste management systems among other smart features being used here.

Community and Living

Apart from the industrial features, Reliance MET is also working towards creating an inhabitable surrounding for its staff. It has residential sections that have been designed to provide high standards of life through the provision of modern facilities as well as recreational centers. Additionally, schools, hospitals, and markets among others are being set up to cater to people’s daily needs thus ensuring their welfare is looked after.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Even though Reliance MET City development comes along with numerous benefits there still exist some challenges that need to be addressed like skilled manpower requirement, managing impact on local communities, and ensuring sustainability in growth. It is important to effectively deal with these issues if we want the township to succeed in the long run.

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